Rent A Living Christmas Tree LLC delivers living, potted Christmas trees to the San Francisco South Bay, Santa Cruz, the Monterey Peninsula and Salinas. 

 Next tree delivery outside the Monterey/Salinas are on Dec. 22.

Local,(Monterey/Salinas) deliveries Dec.20&22. 

We still have beautiful 3, 4 and 5 foot Nordman Fir & Serbian Spruce trees,

also Deodar Cedars as tall as 9 feet.

Place your orders NOW over the website for best selection.

For tree returns look right here on Dec. 30 for the pick up dates. We get the trees home one city at a time.

Out of town or closed for vacation?

We offer an early pick up on Dec.22, Dec. 28 & Dec. 29

please send us an email.


We serve these California areas:

  • San Francisco South Bay (No more orders for Milpitas, Newark, Fremont. Last delivery Dec. 10)
  • Santa Cruz
  • Monterey Peninsula & Salinas
  • Hwy 1 and Hwy 101 corridor: phone orders only
  • Shipping charges apply to all delivery areas and depend on distance from tree farm.

Since 2009 you have been able to choose a green, environmentally sensitive and convenient option to celebrate Christmas! We deliver living Christmas trees in late November and in December for a 30 day period, and we pick them up in January. A tree does not have to be cut for the Christmas season but can go on living and do much good for the environment. To make that possible we are growing several thousand potted fir, spruce, cedar and redwood trees in our nursery to be rented and delivered to your home and office this holiday season.

After each season trees which are too tall become available for sale. Roland, the tree manager, looks after them lovingly all year, and Monica, who is the Monterey Peninsula's permier tour guide, goes back to her passion, sharing her vast knowledge of this beautiful area with visitors from near and far. You can visit her at:

Photos of our tree operation:

Our trees are just waiting to come to your home for Christmas.

Roland, the "tree man" is getting a Nordman Fir ready to be delivered.

There is an option to get "in Home " delivery, see the "How it Works" page.