How It Works

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You and your friends can save if you order together. Order five trees or more in one area and you can save up to 10% off. Join with your friends and neighbors — it saves energy while bringing all of you a beautiful, living tree for your holidays. Contact us via phone to order. It's that easy!

Why would I want to rent a living Christmas tree?

Rent a Living Christmas Tree LLC has been started to help you celebrate an Eco-friendly and convenient Christmas season.

By renting a live, pot grown tree, which will continue to grow outside long after the Christmas period, you are not only saving a tree from being destroyed but you are helping the environment. After the holidays the tree will return to our nursery in the forest and keep producing oxygen, thus improving the air quality, and the wildlife will welcome it back and continue using the tree as habitat.

Most of our trees have been growing in pots in our nursery, and their roots have not been disturbed. This will ensure that the trees have the best chance when they are planted in the ground once they get too big for the Christmas tree rental program. We are networking with the community to have those trees used in landscaping. These trees are also available to our customers after the holidays at very attractive prices. You can plant them in your yard to enhance your property. Call us after the holidays to see our available tree inventory. 831-624-8733

We care for our trees by carefully hand pruning them to make them natural looking without the standard sheared appearance. A regular watering and fertilization program keeps them healthy and in good condition. While all living trees will shed some needles, a potted live tree for the holidays drop minimal needles    IF IT IS WATERED DAILY. Please follow our care instructions. Pay special attention to the floor protection instructions.

Hand in hand with this ecologically friendly choice goes convenience. Your tree arrives in your driveway, ready to put in place. Filling your car and your house with needles will be a thing of the past because your living tree will stay green and fresh also minimizing the fire danger.

How can I rent a living Christmas tree?

Click on the name of the tree you would like in the menus. It's easy and fun to rent your tree online. Each tree is unique and may vary from the photograph.We do our best to select a beautiful tree for you. Leave us a message if you have specific preferences or questions.

Renting a live potted tree for 30 days will cost a little more than that of a cut tree from a tree lot. A delivery charge is added based on location. When you order you will get an itemized invoice with the shipping charge. Enjoy the convenience of a delivered tree, and help protect the environment.

Please use only LED lights which are more energy efficient and protect the tree from burning its needles. We carry LED lights. If you need lights please order them with your tree so they can be delivered to you at the same time. You do not need to return the lights, they will be yours to use for many Christmases to come.

Size of the tree

When you order please consider the hight of your ceiling. Our trees are measured from the ground to the top of the tree which includes the pot. Our trees are often a few inches taller than the "foot size" indicated. Example: a 5 foot plus tree can be 5 ft. 6 inches and the overall hight includes the pot. Most of our pots stand about 14 inches in height. These are living trees, if the tree you ordered is too tall the top of the tree can not to be cut off.


We begin delivery of orders on November 29. Our trees are not to be inside longer than 30 days. The tree will be delivered to your driveway. Please check the delivery options and mark the date of your preference. We cannot guarantee the date, but we will make every effort to deliver your tree according to your wishes. Please fill out the address section carefully: an incorrect address can be costly! Your check out process will allow you to include delivery directions such as gate codes or anything helpful to the driver. Remember that all delivery fees are NON REFUNDABLE, for any reason, once the tree has left the nursery.

Driveway or In Home delivery

Our website prices and the shipping charge include tree delivery to your driveway. If you are requesting in-home delivery you must fill out the In-Home Delivery Waiver which the delivery driver will provide when he arrives. In-home deliveries are not guaranteed, they are solely made at the discretion of the driver. If in-home, or in-office assistance is required a $5.00 fee is applied, payable to the driver. Only trees 5 feet and shorter will be delivered to 2nd story facilities.

If a delivery cannot be made because the customer is not home, and the necessary instructions were not included, the re-delivery charge for your area will be applied. Examples of necessary instructions: "ok to leave in the driveway," the gate code, helpful hints if your home is hard to find, etc. Remember that all delivery fees are NON REFUNDABLE, for any reason, once the tree has left the nursery. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Delivery Zones

At this time we serve a limited subset of the San Francisco South Bay area, the Monterey Peninsula, Santa Cruz, and Salinas. Please check the map to see if your address qualifies. We take phone orders for delivery along the Highway 1 and 101 corridors from Carmel to Santa Cruz and San Jose.

We may be able to deliver to adjacent zip codes if five (5) or more trees are ordered for same area, same day delivery and same day pick up. Special arrangements have to be made. Please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Pick Up

We will pick the trees up between the January 2nd and January 10th. If you plan to keep the tree until January 7th please consider this when you specify you delivery date. Trees can not be in the home longer than 30  days. Please specify when you order if you have any special pick up needs. This is especially important if you plan to go away for the holidays and can not water the tree.

We offer early pick up between Christmas and New Year; reservations have to be made for pick up between Dec. 27 - Dec. 30. The regular pick up schedule is posted on our website on December 30. Please put the tree by your front door the night before your pick up date. Be sure to remove all your decorations and lights, and please water the tree. Give us a call if the tree has not been picked up by January 15th.


Every year we are selling some of our trees which have grown too large to qualify for our tree rental program. Call us after the holidays to see our available tree inventory. We have a SALE from January through March.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.