Care of your Living Tree

Your potted tree will be delivered with a separate plastic saucer which should be placed directly under the pot. The saucer will help to keep water from spilling on your floor. Please protect your floor by putting additional waterproof sheeting under the saucer as an extra precaution against leaks or water spilling. The driver will bring a clear plastic bag so you can line the inside of the saucer in case it develops a crack. Please do not place your tree near heaters, furnace vents or a fireplace as this will dry your tree out and destroy your tree.

1. Place it where it receives as much direct sunlight as possible.

2. Water is the most important thing while our tree is in your home ! Give yourtree a quart of water as soon as it is in place. Pour slowly, around the base of your tree to allow the water to be absorbed into the soil. Depending on the size of tree you ordered, your tree needs 4–8 cups of water every day. That is 1 to 2 quarts per day! If the soil is high in the pot you can twist a rag or towel into a “rope” and make a circle a few inches from the trunk and fill that space, between trunk and “rope,” with 4–8 cups of ice cubes instead. This prevents run off. If water is standing in the saucer please wait a day before you water again. Large trees come with a funnel located in the tree near your name tag. Pour slowly.

3. Please do not cut or trim your tree. If you use a tree top ornament please make use of the bamboo stick provided with the tree. Do not flock and tinsel your tree as this will become a hazard for the wildlife when it is returned to our nursery.

4. Now the fun begins – decorating! Please use cool LED lights only. These energy efficient lights do not overheat or burn your tree. These Eco-friendly LED lights are very durable and will last many years. Do not use the old hot lights, they will severely damage the tree.

5. We pick up the trees from January 2nd to January 10th. To be more energy efficient we pick up by area. You can check the schedule for your area on the website by December 30. Limited tree pickup is available before Christmas and between Christmas and New Year. If you need that service please email us and we will confirm the date. Please put your tree, saucer and funnel outside in time for pick up and be sure to remove all your decorations and lights.

Thank you for thinking Green and helping our environment.

From all of us at Rent A Living Christmas Tree LLC